114 W Chino Ave, Seligman, Arizona

Interstate 40, Route 66

Between Kingman and Flagstaff

The Best Bar in Yavapai County

  • Wow! What a find! This is a great place to catch a cold one and to experience a bit of the old West. The people here are friendly and eager to make sure each customer has a good time. The special events come around often, and there is always something to celebrate here in this historic bar/saloon. This is a place where cowboys have been stopping in for a century, and not your drugstore boys either. These folks know how to survive in a rugged land and appreciate a little comfort at a place that knows how to please. margaret w.
  • I go here to shoot pool and get out of the heat. The bartenders are great, and everybody knows your name.
  • The local folks are nice as can be. Promise you that you will have an awesome time. ;)
  • This is the Black Cat Bar located on Route 66 ... click here to read more
  • People are so excited to get to Vegas that they often pass by one the greatest original strips of American roadway. Simply take a quick turn off of Highway 40 onto the Old Route 66 and youíll think youíve traveled back in time. Seligman is home to real cowboys and former Vegas showgirls, and not much more than a general store and some classic diners. But the real reason to delay your Vegas vacation is the Black Cat Bar, always full of charming locals and friendly bartenders who want to know where youíre from and how youíre doing. Itís not often that people ask if you want to see a picture of their new grandbaby and show you a photo of a colt. Writer: Carolyn Sills