114 W Chino Ave, Seligman, Arizona

Interstate 40, Route 66

Between Kingman and Flagstaff

The Best Bar in Northern Yavapai County

Great place to visit! We found this place to be really great! Very homey--everyone very friendly and the prices less than we've seen elsewhere. They actually have REAL cowboys here, along with the locals. The evening we were there they had a band and people were dancing and having a good time. Darlene J

Written by YouTube user MrDESPERADO1111

This is my first stop on the "Second Annual, AZ Charity Bike Runs, Child Crisis Center Run" The Black Cat Bar. It is in Seligman, AZ. on historic rout 66! The bar was a very friendly place. They even have a flag left by the "1964 Barcelona Soccer team". They have car and bike shows all the time.

You definitely will not be disappointed by visiting this wonderful place. Seligman embraced Route 66 wholeheartedly upon its arrival in the late 1920s. The railroad and tourist traffic from Route 66 became Seligman's main source of economic security. In the late 1970's Seligman was bypassed by the Interstate and the Santa Fe Railroad ceased its operations in the town in 1985.

Bartender Aaron Ryan at the Black Cat Bar